Int’l Lawyers Launch Campaign Against IRGC Members In Canada

Saturday, 12/03/2022

A group of Canadian, US and Iranian lawyers have launched a campaign to identify and take action against IRGC members and their affiliates living in Canada.

They have created a website called to receive citizen reports and submit cases to government agencies and police to take action.

The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps or IRGC is the main branch of the Iranian military that defends the regime. It also controls most of the country’s military assets, including nuclear and missile programs.

Ramin Joubin, a Burnaby-based lawyer says over 100 cases in Canada are being investigated by the group.

“There are a lot of reports on family members of heads of state, or people who are high up in the current regime in Iran,” Joubin told Global News.

“They might be visiting, they might have a business, property, permanent residence or citizenship,” he added.

According to Joubin, they are also investigating cases of suspected money laundering, either from companies or individuals.

“A lot of the reports we’ve received are about business activities in Canada, but somehow bypassing sanctions and engaging in various types of money laundering.” said Joubin. “That is the biggest activity we are seeing by IRGC members and affiliates.”

In October, Ottawa barred some 10,000 IRGC members from entering Canada for life, as protests swept Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody.

Joubin, however, said the lifelong ban does not address IRGC officials, their affiliates and close family members, who already live inside the country.

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