A teenager defying security forces in Rasht on Sept. 20, 2022

Iran To Try 10 Underage Protesters On Death Penalty Charges

Wednesday, 11/30/2022

A Revolutionary Court of the Islamic Republic will try ten adolescent protesters Wednesday on charges of “war against God, corruption on earth and murder” that can carry the death sentence.

The move has led to widespread objections as several activists and organizations have expressed deep concern.

A committee monitoring the situation of recent protest detainees said, “these children are not having their own defense teams and lawyers appointed by the judiciary are supposed to represent them.”

A law in Iran forbids those charged with political crimes to hire their own lawyers.

They are charged in the death of a Basij militia member during protests on November 3 in Karaj west of Tehran.

Mohsen Borhani, a lawyer, and professor at Tehran University, had earlier warned about the trial of several detained minors in revolutionary courts.

During the popular uprising in Iran, over 18,000 citizens have been arrested and some of them were accused of “corruption on earth” and “war against God” which may carry the death penalty.

On Tuesday, Amnesty International called on governments with embassies in Iran to send observers to ongoing trials where protesters are at risk of being sentenced to death.

Amnesty said in a tweet this includes a group trial starting November 30 of 11 people, before Branch 1 of Revolutionary Court in Alborz.

“Amnesty is also extremely concerned at reports indicating children are among those at risk of being sentenced to death in mass trials in connection with protests, which would be a flagrant violation of international law,” it added in a statement.

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