China's envoy to the UN Human Right Council Jiang Yingfeng

China Fails To Stop Motion Of UN Probe Into Iran's Rights Violations

Thursday, 11/24/2022

China tried but failed to stop a motion on Iran before the UN Human Rights Council Thursday that would have stripped out the main paragraph referring to a new investigative probe into Iran's suppression of mass protests.

The last-minute amendment was rejected with 25 against, six in favor and 15 abstentions.

China's envoy Jiang Yingfeng told the council that the motion led by Germany was "overwhelmingly critical" of Iran. "It obviously will not help resolve the problem," he added, calling for a key paragraph to be deleted.

The paragraph in question would establish an "international fact-finding mission" that would be operational until early 2024. Iran's representatives also repeatedly criticized the motion which it called "completely biased".

Representatives from the dozens of countries backing the motion, including the United States and Britain, criticized the last-minute change and called for the 47-member Geneva council to vote it down.

"(The amendment) denies the survivors, the families, the victims, the right for their suffering to be recorded," said British Ambassador to the UN in Geneva Simon Manley. The US ambassador for human rights Michele Taylor said she was "appalled" by China's last-minute revision.

Earlier in the day UN officials and dozens of countries and human rights organization backed a probe into Iran's use of force against protesters and the violation of their rights, as well as treatment of women.

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