Member of parliament Jalal Mahmoudzadeh representing a Kurdish city

Member of parliament Jalal Mahmoudzadeh representing a Kurdish city

Iran Files Lawsuit Against Outspoken Kurdish MP

Thursday, 11/24/2022

An lawmaker in Tehran says the Judiciary has indicted him for his condemnation of killing of Kurdish people in western Iran by security forces.

Jalal Mahmoudezadeh, who is representing the people of Mahabad in the Iranian parliament said Wednesday in a tweet that he has been summoned many times over the past few days but did not provide any details which organization has summoned him.

“Instead of following up on the rights of the protesting people and the families of the victims of Mahabad and Kurdistan cities, the judiciary has filed a lawsuit against me as a supporter of the same bereaved people!!!” added Mahmoudzadeh.

However, he vowed “I will stand by my honorable people in any situation.”

Following the killing of people in Mahabad by the regime forces, Mahmoudzadeh November 19 strongly criticized the crackdown on people in Kurdish cities saying that the protesters must be heard.

In an interview he said most of the people are unemployed in Kurdish cities and they are angry, so the security forces must stop harming civilians.

He added the people are being killed by live rounds, but instead of identifying those who have killed people, “an organization has filed a lawsuit against me.”

Since last week, the Islamic Republic has intensified its repression of Kurdish-majority cities and towns in western provinces of the country following reports that parts of some small towns have fallen into the people’s hands. The majority of Iran's 10 million Kurds live in the western parts of the country.

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