A protest rally at the North Tehran branch of Azad university  (November 2022)

A protest rally at the North Tehran branch of Azad university

Hundreds Of Iranian University Professors Urge Release Of Students

Monday, 11/07/2022

Nearly 600 university professors and researchers in Iran have called for the unconditional release of students arrested during current antigovernment protests.

In a statement on Monday, the academics demanded the cancellation of “all anti-civil right decrees against students.”

They described the most important duty of the government as providing “psychological, educational and professional security” for students, which, according to the signatories, has been neglected for a long time “deliberately or due to the incompetence of officials.”

Protests and sit-ins continue at various universities in the second month of the uprising against the Islamic Republic, despite violent repression against students.

“Unfortunately, a significant number of students in educational centers are facing punishments like arrests, academic suspension, ban on entering universities and dormitories, etc., and they and their families have been subjected to physical and mental threats and harassment in an organized and targeted manner,” reads the statement.

These professors also warned that if their demands are not met, they will use all the civil and protest channels to achieve their rights along with their students.

Meanwhile, the Coordination Council of Trade Unions of Iranian Cultural Organizations demanded the unconditional release of Iranian dissident rapper Toomaj Salehi who was arrested on October 30 after publishing songs to support the popular protests.

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