An Iranian woman without mandatory hijab in public

Islamic Republic To Intensify Hijab Enforcement Amid Protests

Sunday, 10/30/2022

The Islamic Republic’s organization enforcing dress code regulations has taken new measures to intensify the observance of hijab, which many Iranians are defying. 

Ali Khan-Mohammadi, the spokesperson of Iran’s Headquarters For Enjoining Right And Forbidding Evil, tasked with promoting the Islamic Republic’s interpretation of Islamic laws, said on Sunday that the body has signed an agreement with the country’s judiciary to use Basij paramilitary forces as hijab enforcers. 

According to the new agreement, the roles of mosques and local Basij bases will increase in the enforcement of dress code laws and commanders of Basij units will be ordained by the judiciary as official hijab enforcers.

Basij are religious zealots and a paramilitary force under the command of the Revolutionary Guard. Their involvement in hijab enforcement will further increase tensions in Iran.

Removing hijab is a legal offence by women, and the government’s position will not change in this regard, Khan-Mohammadi stressed. 

Since antigovernment protests started across the country in mid-September, when 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was killed in the custody of hijab, police, many Iranian women are now appearing in public places without headscarves to express solidarity with protesters.

On Saturday, Commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Hossein Salami threatened people not to take to streets anymore saying that Saturday was the last day of protests. 

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