The headquarters of the Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran in capital Tehran

Doctor In Iran Protests Killed By Security Forces

Saturday, 10/29/2022

Reports received by Iran International say during the protests by doctors in Tehran on Tuesday, October 25, a general surgeon was shot in the head and killed by the security forces.

Doctor Parisa Bahmani, from Zanjan, was killed during the gathering of doctors in front of Tehran Medical Council, after government forces opened fire on demonstrators, Iran International has learned.

Following the announcement of her death, doctors held another round of protests outside the buildings of the Medical Council of the Islamic Republic across Iran on Saturday.

Doctor Parisa Bahmani

Doctors held a protest rally on October 25 against the government’s policies of preventing medical care for the wounded protesters, using ambulances to transport security forces, and militarizing the hospitals.

According to information received security forces have put pressure on the victim’s family to deny her participation in the protest rally.

Earlier, Iran’s Medical Council announced Dr. Parisa Bahmani, a general surgery specialist, “died in a car crash and the news regarding her killing by security agents is not true. However, the death of Dr. Bahmani in under investigation and the result will be announced soon.”

Up to now, the Islamic Republic has not taken responsibility even for a single death during the demonstrations.

Iran’s government either says the dead people have jumped off the roofs, committed suicide, had some background disease, or lost their lives in car crashes.

The regime has killed over 250 people including tens of children during the protests since mid-September.

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