Protests in Iran

Protests in Iran

200 Lawyers Call On Canada To Support Iran Protests

Friday, 10/07/2022

A group of nearly 200 Iranian-born lawyers in Canada have called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to support the uprising of the Iranian people against the Islamic Republic.

In a letter on Thursday, they said, “As lawyers of Iranian descent, we can attest that the movement in Iran, with women at its forefront, is of the kind that in recent history has paved the way for the adoption of fundamental freedoms such as those enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms -- a movement that must be supported by all proponents of the free world.”

Describing Canada as the home to the second largest Iranian diaspora, they said the country can serve an important role in supporting the people of Iran. “Iranians are desperate to restore their access to the internet to maintain effective communication among themselves and to keep the world informed of the atrocities being committed by the Iranian government.”

They urged the Canadian government to immediately form “a task force with a mandate to review obstacles to internet connectivity in Iran and to devise practical mechanisms that can broaden internet access.” 

The lawyers said such an initiative can bring about the involvement of many NGOs and non-profit organizations that can assist in this endeavor, but “are not currently aware of means and modalities to do so.” 

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