Rafael Mariano Grossi, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (file photo)

Rafael Mariano Grossi, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency

IAEA Says It Will Never Drop Iran’s Nuclear Probe Without Answers

Monday, 08/22/2022

The International Atomic Energy Agency says it will not drop its probes into Iran’s past nuclear activities, including traces of uranium found at previously undeclared sites three years ago.

Rafael Mariano Grossi, the head of the UN watchdog, told CNN on Monday, "Dropping probes is not something the IAEA does or will ever do without a proper process. The key to this lies in a very simple thing: Will Iran cooperate with us?"

He vehemently rejected the idea that the IAEA will end its probe without receiving answers, saying, "Absolutely not. We want to be able to clarify these things. So far Iran has not given us the technically credible explanations we need to explain the origin of many traces of uranium, the presence of equipment at places. This idea that politically we are going to stop doing our job is unacceptable for us.”

Rejecting the Russian lead negotiator’s remarks that the issue "seems to be settled," Grossi said that “So it’s very simple. Let us have an explanation: If there was nuclear material there, where is it now? If there was equipment there, where is it now? And at that moment we will be able to have a report saying ‘Yes, we have clarified this issue.'” 

A leaked report August 19 on alleged remarks by Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri-Kani listed details on the so-called "concessions" Iran claims to have received from the US, including agreement that the IAEA BoG will end the international nuclear watchdog’s probe into Iran’s past nuclear activities.

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