Bodies of the victims at the site of the Flight PS752 crash near Tehran  (file photo)

Bodies of the victims at the site of the Flight PS752 crash near Tehran

Talks With Iran Over Downed Ukrainian Airliner Is Futile - Canada

Saturday, 08/13/2022

The Canadian foreign ministry told Iran International on Friday that attempts to negotiate with Tehran about Flight PS752, shot down by Iran in 2020, are futile at this time.

Marilyne Guèvremont, a spokesperson from Global Affairs Canada, said the families, and the victims, are at the heart of the International Coordination and Response Group’s efforts in the pursuit of truth, justice, and accountability, noting that the body has determined further attempts to negotiate with the Islamic Republic authorities are in vain.

The coordination group represents states whose citizens were among 176 passengers killed when Iran’s Revolutionary Guard fired two missiles at the place as it was taking off from Tehran on January 8, 2020.

Describing it as a reprehensible tragedy, she said, “We are now focused on the subsequent actions to resolve this matter in accordance with international law. We will not rest until the families get the justice, transparency and accountability from Iran that they deserve.”

According to a document obtained by Iran International, the Swiss embassy in Tehran, which represents US interests, has officially informed Tehran about a lawsuit filed against the Islamic Republic and IRGC by families of victims of the Ukrainian plane. 

In June, Canada also announced that it has notified Iran of Ontario's Superior Court of Justice’s ruling that IRGC’s downing of Ukraine Airlines Flight PS752 was intentional.

Earlier in August, the father of one of the victims embarked on a symbolic 400-kilometer march after a press conference at his son's grave in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and will go to Ottawa to personally deliver his protest letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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