Different cuts of red meat in an Iranian market  (file photo)

Different cuts of red meat in an Iranian market

Annual Per Capita Meat Consumption In Iran Drops To 3kg

Monday, 08/08/2022

As inflation has drastically risen in Iran impoverishing millions, annual per capita meat consumption has decreased to three kilograms, or less than7 pounds.

According to a report on Monday, the Statistical Centre of Iran says per capita meat consumption is about four kilograms but Masoud Rasouli, the head of the country's meat packaging industry association, has said the number is not more than three kilograms.

The report said if an ordinary family of three wants to eat a meat-based food, they have to spend the whole daily wage of the breadwinner to buy just one kilogram of red meat.

Expressing worries about the trend, Rasouli said the amount of meat consumption is a function of the country's economic growth indicators. “For example, in 1993, per capita meat consumption of the Chinese people was 5 kilograms, but now this number has reached 53 kg," he added.

The CEO of an Iranian livestock union said last year that "per capita meat consumption decreased from 12 kg to 6 kg per year, in other words, consumption has decreased by 50 percent," in three years.

In April, the chairman of the country's livestock supply council, Mansour Pourian, said that a rise in red meat prices had accelerated despite an oversupply in the market.

Soybean meal, barley and corn for livestock and chicken feed are mainly imported from Russia and other countries. Any shortages or higher prices can push up the price of meat in Iran.

The average per capita consumption of meat worldwide is about 34 kilograms, although the figure is about 100 kg for North America, and about 13 in Africa.

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