The commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Major General Hossein Salami (file photo)

The commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Major General Hossein Salami

IRGC Threatens To Retaliate Against Any Sabotage By 'Enemies'


The commander of the Revolutionary Guard says an explosion or a cyberattack may hit a facility at one point, but Iran’s enemies will receive multiple responses for such attacks.

Addressing an IRGC conference in Tehran on Sunday, Major General Hossein Salami said that “the whole world has gathered at our borders to pour evil into our country,” but Iran’s warriors respond to their attacks in their own territory multiple times. 

He added that the enemies censor the news of Iran’s responses and “currently we do not have a policy to publicize all the developments.”

Salami said the IRGC plans to manufacture and obtain the most advanced arms since "weapons play an effective role in wars."

Earlier on Sunday, Nour News, a website affiliated with the secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), Ali Shamkhani, claimed Iran arrested an “Israeli-linked” sabotage which had planned to destroy a sensitive facility in central Iran. “These individuals (Mossad-linked agents) had identified a sensitive center in Esfahan, planted strong explosives there, and only a few hours were left until the explosion” when they were arrested.

Since mid-2020 a series of high-profile mysterious attacks have hit Iran’s nuclear and military installations around the country, widely believed to have been Israeli sabotage operations.

In May, several IRGC officials were killed or died in suspicious circumstances, prompting Tehran to blame Israel -- which has never officially taken credit for these operations – and a a major reshuffling of IRGC intelligence and counter-intelligence leadership in the following month. 

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