Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said on Sunday that Iran’s nuclear case should return to the UN Security Council and sanctions mechanisms should be activated at full force.

At a weekly Cabinet meeting, Lapid said, “Yesterday, it was revealed that Iran is enriching uranium in advanced centrifuges in complete contravention of the agreements it has signed. The international response needs to be decisive.”

He also reiterated that “Israel reserves political and military freedom of action in fighting the Iranian nuclear program.”

Appealing to Middle Eastern Sunni Muslim countries to engage in steps of rapprochement with Israel, he said, "Israel extends a hand to the countries of the region and calls to change history for the sake of our children.”

About President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to Jerusalem, slated for Wednesday, Lapid said it “will focus first and foremost on the issue of Iran.” “Israel will not stand idly by while Iran tries to attack us. Our security services know how to reach anyone, anywhere -- and they will do just that. We will discuss with the president and his team expanding security cooperation against all threats.”

Biden’s tour to the Middle East also includes a stop in Saudi Arabia, which is reportedly considering a joint three-way meeting with the United States and Israel either during or after Biden's visit.

The White House’s National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said on Thursday “greater collaboration” on issues such as air defense, particularly with regards to countering Tehran, would be also on Biden’s agenda.

The US and Israel are seeking to lay the groundwork for a security alliance with Arab states that would use Israeli technology to connect their air defense systems to combat Iranian drone and missile threats.

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