Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences (file photo)

Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

University Professors In Iran Fired Over Folkloric Dance In Graduation Ceremony


Several Iranian university professors have been sacked over participating in the graduation ceremony of their students because some people danced in the celebrations.

According to the United States-based Human Rights Activists' News Agency (HRANA) on Saturday, seven professors of the medical university of Kermanshah were fired over "boys' and girls’ mixed Kurdish dance" and "loose hijab" during the graduation ceremony of pharmacology students, which was held early in June.

Following the release of a video of the soiree on social media, the public relations office of this university denounced the event as "breaking red lines" and claimed that this ceremony was held without any permit.

In a statement, the union council of the pharmacology faculty denied that these professors danced in the ceremony or were even there during the local dance, noting that the ceremony was authorized.

The statement claimed that after the official end of the graduation ceremony, the professors left and only the families of the students were present when they celebrated with a brief Kurdish dance as is customary in Kurdish festivities. 

Islamic laws in Iran forbid dancing, although many people dance during family gatherings in their homes.

Iran’s hardliner president has recently ordered all government entities to strictly implement a “chastity and hijab” law after weeks of stricter measures on the streets.

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