Iran’s Archery Federation announced on Saturday that the United States did not issue visas for the national team members, and they lost the chance to participate in the World Games. 

The 2022 World Games, an international multi-sport event meant for disciplines or categories that were not contested in the Olympic Games, was inaugurated in Birmingham, Alabama, on July 7. 

The president of the Iranian federation, Gholamreza Shabanibahar, said Iran plans to voice its official protest to the World Archery Federation in the coming days.

Last week, the Iranian karate team was also denied visas to enter the US for the World Games. Fox News claimed that the national team has direct links to the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) that is designated as a terrorist organization by Washington. The report said opponents of the regime and Gold Star families – a name given to immediate family members of the killed US service members -- called for an immediate ban.

Beverly Wolfer, sister of Major Stuart Adam Wolfer, who was killed in Iraq on April 6, 2008 by an Iranian-backed terror cell, said, “Allowing Iranian sports teams to compete in the US legitimizes a terrorist regime by flying its flag and playing its anthem on American soil.” 

The captain of the karate team, Zabihollah Poursheib, told ISNA, "America did not issue visas for various teams, including wrestling, which shows that the Americans mix non-sports and political issues with sports."

The Islamic Republic, especially since Ebrahim Raisi took office, has appointed several former IRGC officers as top managers of government organizations such as sports federations.

In May, Canada Soccer cancelled a controversial friendly match with Iran’s national team after many Iranians objected to the visit of Iranian football officials.

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