Texas Republican representative Randy Weber

Iran-Belgium Prisoner Swap Treaty Makes World Unsafe – US Congressman

Sunday, 07/03/2022

A US lawmaker has warned of “immanent dangers” of a deal between Iran and Belgium over the expatriation of prisoners, saying such an arrangement makes Europe and the Americas unsafe.

Texas Republican representative Randy Weber released a video on his twitter account on Saturday, calling on his fellow congresspeople from both sides of the aisle to raise their voices against the “so-called” arrangement and “do everything to stop appeasing the ayatollahs.” 

“I’m shocked to find out Belgian government has cut a deal with world’s top state-sponsor of terror and plans to send Iranian terrorists back to Iran to plot more terroristic acts,” he said, warning that it will “make Europe and the Americas unsafe and ripe for more terrorism at the hands of the Iranian regime.”

“I want to urge the president of Belgian Chamber of Representatives and all parliamentarians to reject any language in the bill that will allow terrorists to go back to their terrorist nest,” Weber said, adding that if approved, this “absurd” and “shameful” deal will “turn Belgium into a safe haven for the mullahs’ terrorism.”

The draft law will potentially result in sending back Iranian diplomat Asadollah Assadi, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for masterminding a failed terrorist attack in Europe.

An informed source told Iran International that two Belgian citizens are currently in prison in Iran. One of the two is apparently an Iranian-Belgian professor of Louvain University. It is not clear who the other Belgian is.

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