The European Union’s coordinator for the Iran nuclear talks, Enrique Mora (left) during a meeting with Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani in Doha

Iran-US Proximity Talks In Qatar Ends With No Progress - EU Envoy

Wednesday, 06/29/2022

Indirect talks between Tehran and Washington in Qatar to resolve remaining issues in negotiations to restore the landmark 2015 nuclear pact ended without progress.

Calling the proximity talks “two intense days” of negotiations, EU's envoy Enrique Mora tweeted Wednesday evening that “Unfortunately, not yet the progress the EU team as coordinator had hoped-for. We will keep working with even greater urgency to bring back on track a key deal for non-proliferation and regional stability.”

It is not clear whether there might be a further round, while Tehran and Washington have yet to comment on how the talks have progressed, or what they expect next.

Moreover, Axios quoted an unnamed US official as saying that "The Iranians have not demonstrated any sense of urgency, raised old issues that have been settled for months, and even raised new issues that are unrelated to the 2015 nuclear agreement.”

According to the source, “A deal has been available for some time. If there is a side that needs to take a decision, it’s them — and it’s been them for months."

Earlier in the day, Tasnim news agency, with links to the Revolutionary Guards, reported that the Tehran-Washington nuclear talks in Qatar had ended without agreement, a claim quickly rebutted by the foreign ministry.

Tasnim said the American side refused to give "guarantees for Iran's economic benefits” from the deal.

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