United States Department of the Treasury Seal in Treasury building in Washington, DC (file photo)

United States Department of the Treasury Seal in Treasury building in Washington, DC

US Treasury Sanctions 3 Individuals, 2 Terror Outfits Over IRGC Links


The US Treasury Department has sanctioned 16 individuals and groups affiliated with terrorist organizations, including three associated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force.

The Terrorist Financing Targeting Center of the Office of Foreign Assets Control at the Department of the Treasury on Monday targeted a broad range of financiers of terrorism from a variety of regional terrorist designated organizations, including two groups affiliated the IRGC, whose “goal is to pave the way for Iran to exert greater influence in Bahrain and beyond.”

“The targets included three individuals associated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Qods (Quds) Force, four ISIS-associated individuals and one company, six Boko Haram financiers, and terrorist groups Saraya al-Ashtar and Saraya al-Mukhtar,” read the treasury’s statement.

According to the treasury, Ali Qasir, Meghdad Amini, and Morteza Hashemi are part of two networks directed by and providing financial support to the Quds force and its Lebanese proxy group Hezbollah. The complex networks of intermediaries allow the Quds Force to obfuscate its involvement in selling Iranian oil.

Amini and Qasir are financial facilitators who direct a network of nearly 20 individuals and front companies, located in multiple countries, that has facilitated the movement and sale of tens of millions of dollars’ worth of gold, electronics, and foreign currency. Hashemi controls multiple companies based out of Hong Kong and mainland China and has used his access to the international financial system to broker contracts aimed at laundering vast sums of money.

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