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US, Israel To Coordinate To Prevent Iran Getting Nukes


The United States and Israel have agreed to coordinate on efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and destabilizing the region, the White House said Wednesday.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met with his Israeli counterpart Dr. Eyal Hulata and their respective senior representatives from foreign policy, military and intelligence agencies in Washington on Wednesday.

The meeting was part of coordination efforts within the framework of the US-Israeli Strategic Consultative Group (SGC).

Israel has been voicing concern over the Biden Administration policy of reviving the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, JCPOA, which would mean lifting economic sanctions, while Tehran pursues an aggressive regional policy against US allies in the region.

The year-long negotiations in Vienna to revive the deal stalled in March and Iran is said to have continued uranium enrichment to the point of now having enough fissile material to produce a bomb.

“The officials committed to coordinate on efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and toward deterring Iran’s aggressive regional activities. They also discussed economic and diplomatic steps to achieve these goals and reviewed ongoing cooperation between the U.S. and Israeli militaries,” the White House said.

David Albright, a former United Nations nuclear inspector told Iran International Wednesday that Iran has reached a nuclear breakout point and much more pressure is needed to dissuade Tehran from pursuing weaponization. One part of such a pressure policy should be more US support for Israel and other allies in the region.

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