An IRGC colonel, Sayyad-Khodaei was gunned down in his car in Tehran on May 22, 2022

Israel Warns Citizens Against Travel To Turkey Citing Iran Threat

Monday, 05/30/2022

Israel Monday warned its citizens against travel to Turkey, citing Iranian threats of revenge for the assassination last week of a Revolutionary Guard colonel.

Teheran has blamed Israel for the killing of Hassan Sayyad-Khodaei, who was shot dead at the wheel of his car by two people on a motorcycle and has vowed retaliation.

Israel's National Security Council said in a statement that Tehran could be looking to harm Israelis in Turkey and classified it as a "high-risk country."

Iran’s Fars news agency affiliated with the IRGC published an article on Sunday profiling several Israeli businesspeople and implicitly threatening them and their families.

Turkey is a popular tourist destination for Israelis and the two countries have been mending their ties after more than a decade of strained relations. Iranian intelligence has networks operating in Turkey with a history of assassinations and kidnappings of opponent who sought refuge in the neighboring country.

Israel has accused Khodaei of plotting attacks against its citizens worldwide.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's office, which oversees intelligence agency Mossad, has declined to comment on the assassination but Bennett said on Sunday that Teheran would "pay the full price" for instigating attacks on Israelis.

With reporting by Reuters

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