Communications of about 1,200 Israeli military personnel were examined and 10 officials were interrogated over a leak about Israeli strikes on Iranian ships.

At the time it was revealed that since 2019 Israel had targeted at least 12 vessels headed to Syria that were mostly carrying Iranian oil.

"Following this, a security investigation was immediately opened to locate the source of the leak and whether it originated in the IDF," the Jerusalem Post quoted the Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson as saying on Wednesday.

The spokesperson added that "About a year ago, it was reported that information about a military operation in an enemy state had been leaked to foreign media before the operation was carried out."

The IDF stated that no indications of the source of the leak were found during the security investigation, adding that only about 450 of over 1,200 personnel, who were exposed to the secrets about the operations, had signed a confidentiality agreement.

Moreover, the Mossad said that an unknown amount of other people from other agencies and organizations had also been exposed to the information.

For over a decade Israel has carried out attacks on the Iranian atomic program including killing scientist and drone strikes. Israel has also acknowledged that it has conducted hundreds of attacks against forces under Iranian command in Syria to prevent the Islamic Republic from accumulating weapons and entrenching itself further in the war-torn country.

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