Families of the victims of Flight PS752 demanding truth during a protest

Canada, Sweden Committed To Hold Iran Accountable For Downing Ukrainian Plane

Friday, 05/06/2022

Canada and Sweden have reaffirmed their commitment to hold Iran accountable for the downing of Ukrainian Airlines Flight PS752 in January 2020. 

In a joint statement published on Friday, Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly and her Swedish counterpart Ann Linde said that they are committed to “hold Iran accountable for the actions and omissions of its civil and military officials that led to the illegal downing of Flight PS752 by ensuring that Iran makes full reparations for its violations of international law”. 

They also reiterated their “commitment to working with partners within the International Coordination and Response Group in pursuit of transparency, accountability and justice for the victims of Flight PS752”. 

All 176 passengers and crew on the plane died in the disaster. Some relatives of victims have described the firing of two missiles by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) as a “premeditated act.” A 2021 report from the Canadian government found that the action was “reckless” but not premeditated. The passengers list – according to the Ukrainian official manifesto – included 63 Canadians and 10 from Sweden, as well as 82 Iranian citizens.

Iran has not allowed an independent and transparent investigation in more than two years, claiming the missiles were fired “by human error”. Families of victims in February told the Iranian government that instead of compensation they want “justice”. 

They urged the authorities to end their “lies and cruel behavior” and “psychological pressure on the bereaved families” following the shooting down of the airliner.

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