Abdolmalek Al-Houthi, leader of Iran-backed Yemeni rebels

Abdolmalek Al-Houthi, leader of Iran-backed Yemeni rebels

Houthi Leader Echoes Iran's Bellicose Remarks On Quds Day


Those who normalize relations with Israel will regret their actions and will be the losers, leader of Iran-backed Houthis, Abdolmalak Al-Houthi said Friday.

Speaking on Iran's annual Quds Day, Al-Houthi echoed statements made by Iranian leaders earlier in the day, including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei who threatened those Arab countries which have established full ties with Israel.

Iran's Fras news website affiliated with the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) covered Al-Houthi's remarks.

Yemen's Houthis receive military and political support by Iran in their conflict with other Yemenis backed by a Saudi-led coalition since 2014.

Iranian leaders made aggressive remarks against Israel and Arab counties who have signed peace deals with Israel, anid stralled nuclear talks with the United States.

Al-Houthi said, "Those who accompany the Israeli enemy are retreating from clear principles."

Another senior Houthi official, Mohammad Al-Bakhiti, threatened Israel on Friday demanding that it "seizes actions against Quds" or Jerusalem. He said that if the city, also consideredholy by Muslims, would face an existential threat, that would trigger a regional conflict.

He added that missiles and drones have changed the military equation and created a new reality.

Iran has been sharing its missile and drone technology with Yemena;s Houthis and has also supllied other proxy froces, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iraqo Shiite militias.

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