Republican Senator John Cornyn tells Iran International that he thinks the Vienna negotiations to revive the 2015 nuclear deal is “fundamentally flawed”.

He said on Wednesday that “any negotiation that stops short of preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon is fundamentally flawed.”

He added, "They haven't been talking to people in Israel or other allies of US that are worried about Iranian regime's threat both in terms of financing state terror as well as prospect of getting a nuke weapon and using that against our allies in Mideast".

He expressed doubt that the talks will lead to any tangible results, saying, “I don't have any confidence in the process right now”.

The nuclear talks have stalled mainly because of Iran’s demand for the US to remove the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) from its terrorism list (FTO) and the recent missile attacks have shed more doubts whether President Joe Biden’s administration would take such a step.

The indirect US-Iran nuclear talks were close to an agreement in early March before last-minute Russian demands for sweeping guarantees that would have hollowed out sanctions imposed following its invasion of Ukraine derailed the talks.

Russia has since appeared to have narrowed its demands to cover only work linked to the nuclear deal, leaving a small number of issues to be resolved between Washington and Tehran, diplomats say.

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