A Taliban fighter seen in Kabul.

Four Iranian Forces Killed In Clashes With Taliban Border Guards

Wednesday, 03/09/2022

At least four Iranian forces have reportedly been killed in clashes with Taliban fighters in the border area of Nimroz province on Monday.

According to a report published in Ettela'at newspaper on Tuesday, the hour-long gun battle erupted between the border guards over the Sikhsar (Sekhsar) water canal in the Keng district of the province.

The report said the Iranians wanted to dredge the Sikhsar, but Taliban forces tried to stop them, saying the canal belonged to Afghanistan.

The report added “heavy weapons” were used (video)and an Iranian bulldozer also caught fire during the skirmish.

There are conflicting reports about the clash in Afghan local media, but Taliban and Iranian officials have not confirmed the report.

Afghan sources said local farmers began digging a canal in the Sekhsar area and Iranian border guards crossed into Afghanistan to stop them.

A Taliban source said they responded to the incursion of Iranian border guards, which led to a gun fight during which a Taliban vehicle caught fire.

Similar clashes have taken place in the past along the border region as Iran and Afghanistan have for a long time been at loggerhead over the waterway.

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