Prominent human rights defender Nargess MOhammadi

Prominent Rights Activist Returns To Prison After Open-Heart Surgery

Tuesday, 03/08/2022

Iranian civil and human rights activist Narges Mohammadi who was on furlough for an open-heart surgery is due to return to prison.

The prominent human rights defender will return to the notorious Gharchak (Qarchak) Prison on Tuesday to continue her sentence.

In a five-minute trial late in January, she was sentenced to eight years in jail and 70 lashes by Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court.

Taghi Rahmani, her husband, told Radio Farda that doctors believe she needs a longer period of recoverytime since surgeons cut through the breastbone and spread the ribs to access the heart in such operations, requiring the patient to rest for at least 6 to 12 weeks.

Mohammadi was arrested in November last year at the death anniversary of a victim shot dead by security forces during the November 2019 protests, reportedly while shopping.

In a letter from prison, Mohammadi said the court in its ruling had stated her nomination by the Norway branch of Amnesty International in March 2021 as evidence of her criminality.

She has been to jail several times over the past two decades. She was freed from Evin Prison in September 2020 after serving more than five years when she had no contact with her husband and children for long periods of time.

Persecution of human rights and political activists and executions have increased since hardliner president Ebrahim Raisi took office last August.

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