An underground Iranian missile silo in an undisclosed location. File Photo

An underground Iranian missile silo in an undisclosed location.

Iran Warns Of 'Heavy Price' After Talk Of US-Israeli Military Drills


An Iranian website has quoted a top military official as threatening retaliation with missiles if the United States and Israel attack Iran’s nuclear sites.

US and Israel this week said they are considering joint military drills to prepare for action against Iran if current nuclear negotiations fail and political leaders decide to act to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Nour News close to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Saturday in a brief report quoted a military official as saying that Iranian commanders would take an attack as an opportunity to test their missiles “on real targets, to extract a heavy price from aggressors who would violate the territory of the Islamic Republic.”

The military official also mentioned the January 8, 2020 ballistic missile attack on the Ain al Asad base in Iran hosting US troops and the concussion more than one hundred US troops received. He said he does not believe these soldiers would be willing to attack Iran.

Israeli officials have been reiterating that if a new nuclear agreement does not block Iran from its path to acquire nuclear arms, Israel has to ensure its security in any way possible, without seeking approval by the United States.

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