Speed boats presented as new additions to IRGC Navy. December 11, 2021

Speed boats presented as new additions to IRGC Navy.

IRGC Launches 110 New Missile-Capable Speedboats In The Gulf


Iran launched 110 new navy speedboats in Bandar Abbas at the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday, capable of launching ship-to-ship missiles, the IRGC announced.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Navy has hundreds of speedboats produced based on limited naval production capabilities, that are meant to attack and swarm larger enemy vessels. The speed boats have harassed US Navy warship on numerous occasions.

Hossein Salami, the commander of the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) chaired ceremonies saying that the launch was the seventh time this year new vessels and weapons systems were added to the navy.

Salami said that amid sanctions “we are expanding our defensive power” led by the guidance of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. He added that in order to “live free and independent” Iran needs to be powerful. The IRGC commander claimed that if Iran was not powerful, the Muslim countries in the region would have been dominated and destroyed by enemies. He added that Iran is determined “to increase its power on daily basis.”

Critics point out that Islamic Republic’s nuclear and missile programs, as well as its regional adventures have led to international and US sanctions over the years that have impoverished weakened the country.

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