A luxury shopping mall in Tehran, Iran. Undated

A luxury shopping mall in Tehran, Iran. Undated

Thousands Of Iranians Travel To Turkey During Black Friday Sales


Thousands of Iranians travelled to Turkey recently for shopping during Black Friday sales, as the American commercial tradition has spread throughout the world.

The spokesman of Iran’s customs, Rouhollah Latifi told local media that 16,759 crossed land borders to turkey in what he said was an unprecedented rush to take advantage of sales as quality consumer goods in Iran are more expensive.

Latifi said that almost all travelers to Turkey in a two-week period returned to Iran from November 27-29, which proves they crossed the border for shopping purposes.

Tourists traveling to Turkey’s Mediterranean coast mostly use charter flights.

Although international clothing brands are sold in luxury malls in Iran, prices are much higher than in open economies like Turkey where every brand has its own retail outlets and large department stores have sales.

It is also possible that some of the shoppers were owners of stores in Iran who took advantage of sales in Turkey to easily stock up on merchandise that otherwise will cost more to get through official shipments. Ordinary citizens also have turned the shopping trips to small businesses, by bringing merchandise and making a profit.

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