Israeli President Isaac Herzog. File Photo

Israeli President Will Discuss Iran's Nuclear Issue During UK Visit


Israeli President Isaac Herzog began an official three-day visit to the United Kingdom on Sunday where he will meet top officials to discuss Iran's nuclear issue.

Herzog will meet with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, Prince Charles of Wales and members of parliament.

In an opinion article in The Sunday Telegraph, Herzog called on the UK to engage in “an urgent dialogue” with “the moderate nations of the Middle East...on how stop Iran” from wasting time in nuclear talks and race toward a nuclear capability.

"Iran does not want dialogue," Herzog wrote. "It is exploiting the world's willingness to negotiate to buy time. Israel cannot allow the fundamentalists of Tehran to acquire a nuclear bomb.”

Israel is skeptical about the Biden Administration policy of negotiating a revivial of the 2015 nuclear agreement, known as JCPOA, concerned that the United States will make critical concessions without permanently banning Iran from producing nuclear weapons.

Sunni Arab states in the region share Israel’s concerns and last year’s Abraham Accords were partly motivated by a common desire to forge alliances against Tehran.

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