Israeli air force warplanes. FILE PHOTO

Syria Reports Israeli Air Strikes On Multiple Targets


Syria’s military has said Israel carried out airstrikes Monday night on central and western provinces, wounding two soldiers and causing material damage.

The military said Israeli warplanes fired missiles while flying over neighboring Lebanon.

It claimed that Syrian air defenses shot down most of the Israeli missiles without elaborating.

The strikes came amid an increase in reported attacks by Israel on Syria in recent weeks.

Israel has staged hundreds of strikes on Iran-linked military targets in Syria over the years but rarely acknowledges or discusses such operations.

Israel has acknowledged, however, that it is targeting bases of Iran-allied groups, such as the powerful Lebanese militant Hezbollah group. Iran has been involved in the Syrian war since 2011, deploying its own Revolutionary Guard and Afghan, Iraqi and other militias.

Israel says an Iranian presence on its northern frontier is a red line, and it has repeatedly struck what it has described as Iran-linked facilities and weapons convoys destined for Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah group.

There are no independent or other reports about possible militia casualties.

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