Large blaze in a food processing plant in Iran. October 20, 2021

Large Blaze Destroys Food Processing Plant In Iran


A large blaze with unknown origin broke out in a food processing plant in central Iran early Wednesday that according to local media has destroyed the factory.

The plant processes and packages tea and cooking oil. The fire started at 3:00 am according to the manager of the factory. He described the cause of the blaze as “internal” but gave no further details. According to the local governor, Siamak Soleimani, two people have been injured, but images published show extensive flames raging in the complex.

The packaging section and the warehouse of the plant located in an industrial zone have completely burned down.

Law enforcement personnel and firefighters rushed to the scene trying to battle the fire, but Soleimani told the media that the building was still burning in during rush hour. The police chief in the area was one of the injured persons as he tried to fight the fire.

There have been a series of mysterious fires and explosions in Iran’s nuclear, military and industrial facilities since July 2020.

In one such incident lately, a large blaze broke out in an electrical motors manufacturing factory in Shahre Kord, west-central Iran on September 27.

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