Fakhrizadeh, the top Iranian nuclear official assassinated in Tehran in November 2020.

Iranian Intelligence Says It Arrested Ten Citizens Spying For Foreign Power


Iran’s intelligence ministry announced on Tuesday that ten people have been arrested for “links with intelligence services” of regional “adversaries”.

The ministry did not disclose which intelligence service had established the alleged network inside Iran. It also did not reveal the identity of the detainees, but said they were arrested to prevent the deepening of their ties with foreign spying agencies.

Iran periodically announces the discovery of “terrorist” or spying networks, but it rarely provides any concrete information or holds public trials. In some cases, individuals convicted of ties with Israel have been executed.

The use of the term ‘regional adversary’ could refer to Israel which is suspected of conducting spectacular sabotage acts against Iran’s nuclear, military and strategic economic targets since July 2020.

The intelligence ministry further said that the foreign spy agency “was collecting information on sensitive centers” and using Iranians who travel back and forth, to and from Iran, to enhance their presence.

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