First Iranian tanker began its journey to Lebanon in August. FILE PHOTO

Third Iranian Fuel Shipment For Hezbollah Reaches Syria


A third tanker carrying Iranian fuel for Hezbollah in Lebanon has reached the Syrian port city of Baniyas, reported on Twitter on Wednesday.

“FORTUNE (9283746) is the 3rd tanker to have reached Baniyas, Syria with gasoil for Hezb’Allah’s distribution in Lebanon. Also, in addition to Iranian crude oil, Baniyas has received a larger-than-usual delivery of Russian fuel. What’s unique is that it wasn’t for navy in Tartus,” said.

The Iran-aligned Hezbollah movement says the shipments it is importing should ease a crippling energy crisis in Lebanon. Part of the shipment will be sold by Hezbollah according to local media. Fuel will also be distributed among hospitals and other essential service centers.

It is not clear how much of the oil has been transported to Lebanon by land. Thousands of trip by tanker trucks are required.

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati said last month the Iranian fuel shipments constitute a breach of Lebanon's sovereignty.

Both Syria and Iran are under US sanctions.

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