Iran Claims 'Terror' Group Backed By US And Israel Demolished


Iranian intelligence claimed September 28 that a "terror" group was uncovered and showed "confessions" of a few people, linking the plot to the US and Israel.

Iran’s intelligence ministry and the state television have reported about the demolition of “terrorist” group and the killing of its leader, saying they were engaged in plots directed by “enemies”.

The ministry said the group “directed and supported by enemy intelligence services” intended “to engage in sabotage operations” in Iran.

The intelligence ministry did not mention any country, but the state television, controlled by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, broadcast a documentary after the news was announced, referring to the meeting last week of US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. It said that the US and Israel were behind the group.

The documentary also alleged that Bennett told Biden about the strategy of “death by a thousand knife wounds” in regards with Iran.

Iran has been the target of several high-profile sabotage operations since July 2020 attributed to Israel.

The documentary also showed self-incriminatory “confessions” of a few men and women who said they intended “to engage in acts of sabotage”.

Iranian intelligence services and the state television periodically claim “terror” plots were uncovered and underground groups arrested, but rarely they produce any evidence or follow up with news about investigations or trials.

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