Israeli Iron Dome air defense

US Concerned Hezbollah Could Overwhelm Israel’s Air Defense in Possible War

Thursday, 06/20/2024

US officials are worried the Iran-backed Hezbollah of Lebanon may overwhelm Israel’s air defense including the Iron Dome as Israel reportedly prepares for a full-blown land and air incursion into Lebanon.

Tel Aviv has communicated to the US concerns of the vulnerability of Israeli air defense against precision-guided munitions and missiles from Iran-backed Hezbollah, three US officials have told CNN.

The Iron Dome is commonly recognized as Israel's primary defense against missiles and rockets.

Israeli officials have told the US they are planning to shift resources from southern Gaza to northern Israel in preparation for a possible offensive against the group, US officials told CNN on Wednesday.

“We assess that at least some” Iron Dome batteries “will be overwhelmed,” a senior US administration official told the CNN.

Back in April when Iran’s Revolutionary Guard fired hundreds of missiles and drones against Israel, the IDF spokesperson said it had intercepted 99 percent of the missiles.

However, the Islamic Republic’s armed forces chief called the attack a successful one that had achieved all of its objectives.

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