Hezbollah leader in a televised speech, 19 June 2024

No Safe Place in Israel, Hezbollah Chief Warns as Tensions Rise

Wednesday, 06/19/2024

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Wednesday that his forces, armed and trained by Iran, can target anywhere in Israel, in the event of a full-blown war.

In his televised speech Wednesday, Nasrallah said “there will be no place safe from our missiles and our drones” in Israel.

One day earlier, the Hezbollah-affiliated outlets had published footage that they claimed were shot by a drone flying over residential and military sites deep in Israeli territory.

The Lebanese group is widely believed to have amassed more than 100,000 missiles, and its leader has repeatedly boasted about weapons that he claims have not been used so far in its eight months of low-key but constant fighting with Israel.

In his Wednesday remarks, Nasrallah also reminded his audience that some Iranian drones and missiles did get through Israeli air defense systems despite support from the US and other European countries.

On 13 April, Iran launched hundreds of missiles and drones in its first ever direct attack on Israel in retaliation for the targeting of its consulate in Damascus twelve days earlier.

Nasrallah also threatened Cyprus for the first time, accusing the small Mediterranean country of helping Israel.

“The Cypriot government must be warned that opening Cypriot airports and bases for the Israeli enemy to target Lebanon means that the Cypriot government has become part of the war and the resistance will deal with it as part of the war.”

Cyprus has in the past allowed Israel to use its airspace for air drills, but not during conflict, as far as public information goes.

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