Lufthansa planes at Frankfurt airport, Germany, March 7, 2024.

Lufthansa Extends Suspension of Flights to Tehran

Saturday, 05/18/2024

German flagship airline Lufthansa has declared a continued suspension of its flights to and from Tehran until June 16, responding to ongoing instability in the Middle East.

The company, on Saturday, also confirmed that it would avoid Iranian airspace during the period.

The initial suspension followed heightened tensions after an Israeli attack on Iran on April 19, leading several other airlines to reroute their flights to avoid the area.

The move by Lufthansa and its subsidiary, Austrian Airlines—both notable for being among the few Western carriers operating flights to Tehran—follows aerial hostilities.

On April 13, Iran executed its first direct assault on Israeli territory, launching over 350 drones, missiles, and ballistic missiles, most of which were intercepted by Israeli defenses and a US-led coalition.

The airspace over Iran, critical for numerous major carriers including Emirates and Qatar Airways for flights to Europe and North America, remains a geopolitical flashpoint.

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