A screengrab from the video of a scuffle between an Iranian woman and hijab police officers in Tehran (April 2024)

Hijab Standoff: Iranian Mother Fights Daughter’s Arrest in Viral Video

Monday, 04/29/2024

In a widely circulated video from the weekend, an Iranian mother is seen confronting Tehran’s security forces who attempted to arrest her daughter for not adhering to the mandatory hijab law.

Iran International has not yet been able to independently verify the authenticity of the footage, but the incident reportedly took place on April 28 at Hadish Mall in the Shamsabad area east of Tehran.

In the video, the mother asserts her rights by shouting at the police, "You won’t take my daughter anywhere," and insists that they wait for the girl's father to arrive before taking any action.

This latest video is part of a growing number of similar confrontations captured and spread on social media, showcasing the escalating tension between the Iranian populace and the authorities enforcing the hijab laws.

Recently, Iranian authorities have intensified those efforts under the regime’s new enforcement plan, dubbed Plan Noor”.

This surge has resulted in violent crackdowns, targeting Iranian women on the streets.

Despite the regime’s efforts, there's a noticeable wave of civil disobedience sweeping across the country, with many women appearing in public spaces without hijabs, protesting against the impositions.

The ongoing crackdown on women follows several other troubling cases, including that of 16-year-old Armita Geravand, who fell into a coma after an altercation with hijab enforcers on Tehran’s subway in October 2023.

Reports suggest that she was pushed by a female security agent, resulting in a severe head injury – though the regime has attempted to obscure the incident's details.

The recent crackdowns, following a directive from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on April 13, have resulted in the arrest of hundreds of women across various cities in Iran.

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