Tehran’s Azadi tower with photos of Iran’s missiles and drones projected on it to celebrate Tehran’s attack on Israel (April 2024)

Iranian Student Coalition Denounces Islamic Republic's ‘Warmongering’

Tuesday, 04/16/2024

A group of student activists and student collectives from various universities in Iran have condemned the recent missile and drone attack on Israel.

In a joint statement released earlier today, the student coalition denounced the Islamic Republic regime’s “warmongering” and stated: "...we, the people of Iran, are currently at war with the Islamic Republic, and we must overthrow the Islamic government and win the revolution of Woman, Life, Freedom."

The coalition is comprised of students from several universities in Esfahan, Tehran, Shiraz, Urumieh, Sanandaj, and Malayer.

Criticism is leveled at the government for its domestic repression and its support of its proxy Islamist groups in the region. Despite the regime's claim of military prowess, particularly in missile technology, the statement contends that such displays have become a subject of ridicule both domestically and internationally.

The students also call on the Iranian diaspora to urge “world governments to recognize the demands of the people of Iran” and “list the IRGC as a terrorist entity globally."

They further ask for a “boycott of the Islamic Republic from International forums" and “expulsion of ambassadors of the Islamic Republic worldwide".

Finally, the coalition asks for the international community to recognize the Islamic Republic as “a gender apartheid government where women are considered second class and queers (LGBTQIA+) have no right to live at all.”

In response to the escalating threat of conflict, the coalition calls for a unified push to advance the struggle against the regime in Iran. This includes a call to action for widespread protests, strikes, and demonstrations across all sectors of Iranian society.

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