Alireza Tangsiri, the commander of Navy of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)

Iranian Commander Calls For Muslim Coalition To Combat Israel

Tuesday, 04/09/2024

Frustrated over the apparent inaction of Iran after Israel's airstrike on the country's Damascus consulate, a senior Revolutionary Guard Commander has called for a coalition of Muslim armies to retaliate.

Alireza Tangsiri, Commander of the Navy of the IRGC, claimed that “the only way to confront Zionists is to create a coalition of Islamic armies,” the latest in a string of military top brass in Iran along with government officials to call for strong retaliatory action.

His comments come as an unconfirmed report suggests that Tehran made assurances to Washington that it would not retaliate against Israel following an airstrike that killed two IRGC commanders and five senior military officials in Syria. 

The alleged agreement is seen by some as Tehran's attempt to avoid escalating tensions with both Israel and the United States, potentially in pursuit of sanctions relief. Speculation remains that Iran's proxies would carry out retaliatory attacks as opposed to Iran. 

Since the outbreak of the Gaza war, triggered by Iran-backed Hamas's invasion of Israel, Iran's proxies have been attacking Israel from Gaza, the Lebanon border, Syria and from the Red Sea coast in the country's south.

While Iranian officials have issued threats of retaliation, led by the Supreme Leader, they have also exercised caution, claiming that they will act at an opportune time and under suitable conditions.

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