Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian speaks during a press conference at the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Beirut, Lebanon February 10, 2024.

Iran's FM Embarks On Regional Tour After Consulate Attack

Sunday, 04/07/2024

Shoring up support for a possible retaliation to last week's Israeli attack on Iran's consulate in Syria, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has embarked on a regional tour.

Arriving in Oman on Sunday, his visit comes just days after the deadly strike which resulted in the deaths of seven Revolutionary Guards, including senior members.

"Leading a delegation of political and parliamentary representatives, discussions will encompass bilateral and regional matters, including Gaza," stated the Iranian foreign ministry, referring to the Gaza war sparked by Iran-backed Hamas's attack on Israel on October 7.

A US official has warned of increased vigilance and readiness for potential Iranian retaliation targeting Israeli or American assets in the region as fears grow for US personnel, and in Israel, veiled announcements of countering any threats at home and abroad have been vocal from both the military and political leadership.

Airstrikes took place in eastern Lebanon early Sunday, reportedly targeting infrastructure sites associated with Hezbollah which since October 7, when Iran-backed Hamas invaded Israel, has fired over 3,100 projectiles into Israeli territory. Sunday's action followed the downing of an Israeli drone by the militant group over Lebanese territory in what is the worst conflict between Israel and Hezbollah since the second Lebanon war.

Alongside the Gaza war, the Israeli army has confirmed that 30 commanders from Hezbollah have been eliminated since the war began as well as 330 terrorists from the largest of Iran's militia groups. Over 1,400 targets have been struck from the air in Lebanon alone and 3,300 or more ground targets struck.

Iran's political and military leadership have called for harsh responses to the humiliating attack last week, believed to have struck a key IRGC-Quds Force center, with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nazrullah this weekend warning retaliation is "inevitable".

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