Iran Confirms Indirect Talks With US Over Nuclear Program

Thursday, 03/14/2024

The Iranian state news agency has confirmed rumors that indirect negotiations between Tehran and Washington are taking place regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

However, IRNA claims there have been no discussions regarding the developments in the Red Sea, where Iran-backed Houthi rebels have imposed a blockade and are directly targeting US-owned vessels in the wake of the Gaza war.

The Yemeni militia is not only targeting Israel in allegiance with Iran-backed Hamas in Gaza, but claims it is punishing the US for supporting Israel's right to defend itself in the wake of the Iran-backed Hamas attacks of October 7.

The regime continues to put distance between itself and the blockade, instigated by Iran's supreme leader.

Iran hopes the talks will ease international sanctions over Tehran’s nuclear program, IRNA admitted, though sanctions continue over Iran's human rights abuses and support of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Reports of recent negotiations come against the backdrop of mounting criticisms against US President Joe Biden over his policies towards Tehran, Iranian activists and opposition figures, as well as American politicians, accusing the administration of being too lenient towards Iran.

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