Warships attend a joint naval exercise of the Iranian, Chinese and Russian navies in the northern Indian Ocean January 19, 2022

Naval Exercise Between Iran, China, Russia To Begin In Indian Ocean

Monday, 03/11/2024

Iran, China, and Russia are to commence a joint naval exercise in the Indian Ocean on Tuesday as the three nations further military ties.

According to reports from the ISNA semi-official news agency, the exercise will see the participation of surface and aerial units from the Iranian navy, alongside naval units from China and Russia. 

Additionally, representatives from Oman, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and South Africa will also be involved.

The primary objective of the exercise, as outlined by ISNA, is to “bolster security measures and fortify the foundations of stability in the region.”

The development comes amidst growing concerns raised by US Senator Tom Cotton regarding Iran's escalating aggression against US forces across the Middle East.

Senator Cotton on Friday highlighted Iran-backed militants' repeated attacks on Americans in Iraq and Syria, emphasizing what he perceives as a lack of robust response from the current US administration.

In 2022, Iran, China, and Russia conducted a joint naval maneuver in the Gulf of Oman. Iran, in particular, finds itself embroiled in a proxy war, with its militias openly supporting various factions involved in regional conflicts, such as the attack on Israel on October 7, which drew in international players including the US and UK.

Of particular concern are the actions of Yemen's militants, armed and supported by Tehran, who have carried out deadly drone and missile attacks against commercial vessels in the Red Sea, escalating tensions in the region.

In February, the United States, in collaboration with Britain, initiated numerous strikes against Iran-backed groups in Iraq and Syria, as well as targeting Iran's Yemeni proxy, the Houthis.

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