A cotton field near the border town of Reyhanli on the Turkish-Syrian border, in Hatay province

Iranian MP Warns Of Losing Iraq Market Share To Turkey, Saudi Arabia

Thursday, 03/07/2024

Mohammad Javad Asgari, the head of the Agriculture Committee of the Iranian Parliament, expressed concerns over Iran's diminishing agricultural exports to Iraq as regional competition sidelines the regime.

"Currently, Turkey is easily replacing Iran in Iraq, and even Saudi Arabia is seizing markets in agricultural production, which poses a serious threat," he told ILNA on Thursday.

Asgari also highlighted the urgency of creating better market conditions for agricultural production, stating that failure to do so could result in the loss of vital markets. He also noted a worrying trend of Iran losing market share, particularly in products like nuts and dried fruits.

Iran has long sought to expand its influence and economic interests in neighboring countries like Iraq and Syria. With cultural, historical, and religious ties, Iran views these countries as crucial markets for its goods and services. However, despite its aspirations, Iran has faced disappointment in its attempts to gain a significant share in their markets.

In Iraq, Iran's ambitions have been hampered by various factors, including political instability, competition from other regional powers, and the lingering effects of international sanctions. Additionally, Iran's involvement in Iraq's internal affairs has often sparked resentment among Iraqi citizens and fueled tensions with the Iraqi government.

Similarly, in Syria, Iran's efforts to establish a foothold in the market have been challenged by the ongoing civil war, which has devastated the country's economy and created a volatile business environment. Despite its strategic partnerships and support for the Syrian regime, Iran has struggled to capitalize on economic opportunities in both Iraq and Syria, leaving its wishes for a market share largely unfulfilled.

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