IRGC Commander-in-Chief Hossein Salami

IRGC Chief Claims Regime's Resilience Amid Sanctions

Sunday, 03/03/2024

In the face of economic pressure from sanctions, Iran's IRGC Chief says the regime has navigated through the challenges posed by the punitive measures.

"Thanks to the forces of the Khatam al-Anbiya headquarters, we have passed through the sanctions", Hossein Salami said, in spite of the fact the country's economy is crippled by the global sanctions, hailing the unit for its role in the likes of the country's oil and construction sectors in which money is generated for the IRGC's military efforts at home and its proxy militias abroad. 

Established during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, the Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarter has since evolved into a prominent player in Iran's industrial and developmental landscape, expanding its operations to encompass mechanical engineering, energy, mining, and defense sectors.

Iran has been subject to various sanctions primarily due to concerns about its nuclear program, support for terrorism, and human rights abuses. The United States and other countries including the US, France and the EU, have imposed sanctions on both individuals and government and private entities, at home and abroad, to squeeze the regime into compliance with international law.

In spite of this, the regime continues to fund and arm regional militias, sell drone technology to Russia for its war on Ukraine, and its nuclear program has only accelerated.

However, on the ground, sanctions, which have been a recurrent feature of Iran's economic landscape, have exacerbated the challenges facing the country's citizens. Consequently, Iran has grappled with economic stagnation, inflation, currency devaluation, and unemployment, significantly impacting the well-being of the Iranian people.

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