Iranian protester Ghobadlou who was hanged in January 2024

Iran’s Judiciary X Account Permanently Blocked

Saturday, 02/17/2024

The judiciary department of the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced that its social media account on X has been suspended.

In response to a user's report, X stated that the Mizan account has been blocked due to "hate speech" and violation of the network's regulations.

The move follows the execution of Mohammad Ghobadlou, one of the detainees of the 2022 nationwide protests, on January 23. Users began reporting the Mizan account on X following the news.

Moreover, after facing accusations of violating US sanctions by receiving money for premium accounts from users under US sanctions, X took action. The network removed blue and gold badges from Iranian regime linked media outlets such as Press TV, IRNA, Tasnim, Al Alam, and HispanTV.

Iranian activists have long urged major social media companies to ban accounts related to the Islamic Republic, especially multiple accounts run by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's office, that have occasionally engaged in hate speech.

The Tech Transparency Project had criticized X's managers for providing paid services to accounts affiliated with the Islamic Republic, pointing out that the US Treasury Department had sanctioned media outlets such as Tasnim and Press TV.

Confirming the badge removal, Press TV acknowledged the changes on its English, Arabic, and Spanish news network accounts. Blue badges on the X social network signify accounts that pay a fee, while gold indicates official organizations.

The development comes after Meta, the owner of Instagram and Facebook, recently blocked the official accounts of Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ali Khamenei's Persian-language Instagram account had amassed over five million followers, while the English-language account had over two hundred thousand followers before being blocked by Meta.

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