A view from multiple gas pipeline explosions in western Iran (February 2024)

Iran's Gas Pipeline Network Hit By ‘Sabotage Blasts’

Wednesday, 02/14/2024

Iran's main gas pipeline network had been struck by multiple explosions around the country, with local officials labeling it as "sabotage".

The blasts occurred in central Iran along a crucial south-north gas pipeline, though officials speaking to state TV said there were no casualties.

The director of Iran's Gas Network Control Center, Saeed Aqli, said that “around 1 am, sabotage explosions occurred at various points along the country's national gas pipelines,” in multiple provinces where crowds gathered in the street.

As of now, no group has claimed responsibility for the explosions. Oil Minister Javad Owji, confirming the suspected sabotage nature of the blasts during a cabinet meeting, stated that “the enemies' objectives to disrupt gas supply to major provinces were not successful.” He claimed that gas would be reconnected by noon and all pipelines would be repaired and operational by sunset.

However, several Iranian media outlets reported that gas supply to industries and offices would be disrupted on Wednesday across several provinces due to the incidents.

Since mid-2020, there have been multiple unexplained explosions and fires at different Iranian military, nuclear, and industrial sites, including pipelines and refineries. Despite authorities not offering comprehensive explanations for the incidents, they have linked several prominent sabotage attacks on facilities to its archenemy Israel. Nevertheless, Israel has not formally acknowledged responsibility for any of the events.

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