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Pressure Intensified On Iranian Students, Professors

Wednesday, 02/07/2024

Iran’s security and intelligence authorities have mounted pressure on dissenting students and professors as the second semester of the academic year approaches.

Iran's Student Union Council, communicating through its Telegram channel, disclosed that at least five students from Soore University in Tehran have been suspended prior to the commencement of the new semester.

The council claimed the suspension of the students was executed through recent “unlawful procedures within the country's universities,” bypassing the necessity of convening a disciplinary committee meeting.

According to KhabarOnline, authorities have resorted to terms like "termination of cooperation" instead of expulsion, citing academic reasons for ceasing collaboration with the professors.

Additionally, KhabarOnline's investigation indicates that over the past two years, approximately 60 professors from universitiesacross the country have faced expulsion, suspension, or coercion to resign. Notably, the University of Tehran and Tehran University of Medical Sciences have seen the highest number of expulsions or suspensions, with 26 professors affected.

Since the uprising of 2022, dozens of professorshave been expelled using excuses such as forced retirement as the regime cracks down on dissent.

Students were a driving force during the Women, Life, Freedom uprising sparked by the death in morality-police custody of Mahsa Amini, arrested for the 'inappropriate' wearing of her hijab. Thousands of students led protests and were arrested for protesting against the ever brutal crackdowns from the regime.

Those refusing to wear hijab have been excluded from education. It has resulted in the expulsion of hundreds in the wake of the unrest. 

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