American adult film actress Whitney Wright

American Adult Film Actress Sparks Controversy With Iran Trip

Saturday, 02/03/2024

Amidst restrictions barring many Iranians and artists abroad from entering Iran, an American adult film actress has ignited controversy by sharing photos of her journey to Iran.

Whitney Wright published her photos including visits to sites like the former American embassy in Tehran.

Wright, known for her support of Palestine, posted images with captions expressing her curiosity about Iran. The controversy began when she shared a story of herself at Tehran's Golestan Palace, fully covered with Iran's mandatory hijab. Wright had previously solicited recommendations from her followers for Tehran's best foods and attractions.

Her Instagram page also features photos from her recent trips to Lebanon and Egypt. However, Wright's presence in Iran has sparked backlash from social media users, questioning the ease of her entry considering Iran's strict principles for women's morality and chastity.

Famous actress Setraeh Pesyani voiced her opposition, criticizing authorities for permitting Wright's visit while penalizing citizens for defying compulsory hijab. Pesyani took to Instagram, stating, "You punish the people of this land for hijab defiance, yet you allow a porn star to visit Iran for sightseeing? What's happening here?"

Earlier in January, Roya Heshmati, an Iranian woman, was subjected to 74 lashes for violating the Islamic Republic's mandatory hijab law, while another woman who refused to wear the hijab received a two-year prison sentence.

The Iranian regime, surprised by women's unwavering resistance of the compulsory hijab law, has been employing various tactics to dissuade them from removing their hijabs in public, albeit with very little success.

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